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Meet, Sean

Doctor at Canberra Intensive Care Unit

Sean Chan

Sean graduated from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Formative years in medicine included time working in the NHS, where an interest in Intensive Care Medicine first developed. He has been in Canberra Hospital since 2010 and has previously acted as ICU Clinical Director. He currently holds the Clinical Information System and Equipment portfolios, represents ICU on the CHHS Trauma committee, and has an interest in research. Other interests include delirium management and CICM exam preparation.

Outside medicine, he is a reformed road cyclist turned trail runner prone to cramps and profanity. Having tucked a few ultramarathons under his belt, has sights on longer, ever more painful distances. He aspires to finishing a 100 miler someday. Outside the hospital, he is often slightly lost, alone and out of breath in the wilderness for as long as his legs and family allow. He is also a very amateur martial artist, woodworker and musician.