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New Visitor Screening - 16th July 2020

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Why are there visitor restrictions?

Limiting the number of people through the hospital keeps our patients, staff and families safe from potential exposure to COVID-19. However we are aware that this can be a challenge when your loved one is critically unwell and in ICU.

One visitor per patient per day?

ACT Health have broadly introduced this restriction to limit the number of visitors in the institution.

We understand this may not be practical or possible in ICU and we are able to provide additional number of visitors within reason depending on the situation. We encourage you to call ahead of your arrival at the hospital so we can discuss the best arrangements for you and your loved one

My family member is ‘suspected COVID-19’ positive, what does that mean?

This means we have tested them for COVID-19, and are awaiting results. Until we know for sure, we will treat them as if they are positive, just in case. There are heavy visitor restrictions for COVID-19 patients.

Why can’t I come in to visit my loved one who is suspected or confirmed COVID positive?

If you live with or are a close contact of a ‘suspected COVID-19’ patient, we have to assume that you have also been exposed. This means you will not be able to enter the hospital or Intensive Care. Please go home and isolate. You can call us at any time for information.

Large families and groups should assign a single contact person to get regular updates.

What if I have travelled from a COVID ‘hotspot’?

You will not be allowed into the hospital or Intensive Care. Please go home and isolate.

Why have I been asked to wear a mask?

If you have a formal exemption to enter Intensive Care, you may be required to wear a mask to protect staff and other patients in case you have been exposed. You will not be able to use the waiting room, tea room or bathrooms in the hospital. The mask must remain on while you are on hospital grounds.

Click the link to visit the site and confirm eligibility. There will be scrutiny at every entrance to the building and having gone though this too will help enter the Canberra Hospital Campus and Intensive Care Unit!

We thank everyone for their considerate approach to these requirements! Click Here for more information.