Canberra Intensive Care Unit
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Introducing, Delta Therapy Dogs

There’s something NEW in our ICU! Amazingly, it’s just what the Doctor ordered!

Our passionate ICU team has introduced therapy ‘Delta Dogs’ into the Canberra Hospital ICU. The Delta Dogs will be visiting the ICU weekly along with the dedicated Delta volunteers. Research continues to show the significant benefits of pet therapy in providing comfort, confidence and companionship to patients. At the Canberra Hospital, we aim to create a humanised environment in the ICU through the implementation of therapy dogs to provide a positive patient experience.

Delta Therapy Dogs is a heartwarming program that brings the joys of animal companionship to those who need it most. Delta’s amazing and devoted volunteer Therapy Dog Teams brighten the lives of an estimated 20,000 Australians in hospitals and care facilities every week.

This program is the largest of its kind in Australia, with over 1000+ volunteers and their special dogs making visits to health care facilities on a regular basis. Delta offers the wonderful benefits of pet therapy by facilitating dogs to spend time with patients, families and offer a floppy ear to listen and a paw to shake.

Two of our nurses were recently interviewed by ABC Radio regarding the Delta Dog Program, click here to listen to the interview in full.