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2018 ACT Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards

Jo Lindbeck Medical Emergency Team (MET) Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNC) wins ACT Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards!

Jo Lindbeck is an inspiring leader, team-builder, role model, advocate, mentor and teacher for all practitioners, regardless of their discipline.

Jo’s fearless, but respectful, advocacy for the patient is tireless. Guaranteeing collaborative care, she networks across Divisions, persevering until an acceptable solution is found that ensures patient decisions are respected and enacted. “Jo helped me to understand my illness and get the care … I needed” (Patient Testimonial)

Jo has escorted long-term ventilated patients to attend important family events, funded television rentals so a dying man could watch the rugby, organised an orchestral concert for ICU patients, fundraised to assist staff in need, volunteered for the Paediatric PNG Open Heart venture and follows-up patients after discharge on the ward. Testimonials reveal her gift for establishing calm amid the chaotic MET environment, creating an atmosphere where staff feel respected and valued.  Following a MET response, Jo provides staff and relatives opportunities to express their thoughts and feelings to collaboratively develop risk management processes, education and policies to promote safety and quality. Jo is a highly respected mentor throughout the hospital. Many senior nurses describe the significant contribution Jo’s mentorship has made to their professional development and leadership.

“… Jo gave me professional and emotional support, allowing me to … reflect … helping me to learn from the situation … and ensured that I was able to … continue on with the other work I needed to focus on. (CNC Testimonial)

Congratulations Jo, on the acknowledgment of the tremendous work you do within our Division and the broader Canberra Hospital and community.